This is an overview of some of our services. Don’t see something you need? Give us a call!


  • Proofreading/editing manuscripts, proposals, articles, whitepapers, social media posts, etc.
  • Pull quotes from manuscript to use for social media, your Amazon Author Central profile and Goodreads.
  • Competitive research: Niche research on titles, author names and sales rank from Amazon.
  • Pricing research from Amazon.
  • Determine target audience and where to find them.
  • Setup Create Space and Amazon Kindle accounts, choose keywords and categories, upload book, add description, author biography and other information required.

Print Book Services

  • Assist with book cover front, back and spine design.
  • Obtain ISBN.
  • Book layout and design.
  • CreateSpace account setup and book project management.
  • Publishing channel account setup and management.
  • Table of Contents creation.
  • Indexing
  • Back cover copy.


  • Competitor analysis (includes book titles, covers, length, pricing and format).
  • Book title suggestions.

E-Book Services

  • Creation of title and copyright page.
  • Assist with book cover design.
  • Insert images.
  • Book layout and design.
  • Table of Contents creation.
  • Direct sales of e-books via Endpaper™

Speaker Services

  • Arrange for speech coaching.
  • Develop presentation outline and slides.
  • Search for speaking leads where books can be sold back of room.
  • Manage calendar and setup client calls.

Content Distribution

  • Content strategy
  • Content creation… articles and/or blog posts
  • Content syndication
  • Guest blogging

Manage Anthology Projects

  • Setup and manage deadlines.
  • Create a budget.
  • Help determine genre and themes.
  • Create call for submissions and select participants.
  • Draft contracts and determine rights.
  • Guidelines for authors… topics, length, style, etc.
  • Choose title and solicit book cover drafts.
  • Draft description and author credits.
  • Setup website.
  • Proofread stories.
  • File formatting.
  • Find and solicit reviewers.
  • Manage Kindle Select free days.

Book Collateral

  • Write and/or edit author biography.
  • Write and/or edit book description for back of book and/or Amazon and website.
  • Help create a giveaway for launch partners to giveaway on launch day.

Book Launch

  • Manage book launch strategy including creating e-mail text and posts for social media sites that get sent to launch partners (usually friends and colleagues of author).
  • Setup and manage blog and podcast tours.

Book Reviews

  • Find and manage book reviewers.
  • Find and solicit topic specific bloggers and ask them to review the book.

Social Media

  • Schedule pull quotes from manuscript to deploy on social media.
  • Create images and memes to promote your book.
  • Add book to sites like Goodreads and run giveaways for print books.
  • Solicit video reviews from readers to add to your website and send out via social media.
  • Setup and manage private Facebook Fan Page and readers group.


  • Write press releases and manage distribution.
  • Find and submit books for awards.
  • Submit a book excerpt as an article to article directories, newsgroups and topic specific sites.
  • Select dates and manage free Kindle Select days and promote those days to 30 different sites/Facebook pages that promote free books.
  • Solicit other authors of similar/complimentary books and ask them to cross-promote.


  • Author interviews.
  • Book trailers.
  • Setup a YouTube channel for your new book, get the graphics designed, upload the video(s).  See our packages for more information.

“I have used Bonnie’s professional services for my book-related projects for over 5 years. She knows books! When I started writing e-books for my nutrition business, I had no idea where to begin. Together Bonnie and I brainstormed on content to add to my books and even the book titles. From editing, to formatting for Kindle and other platforms, to getting it all together, Bonnie helped me get my e-books “to print.” I am so glad I used her professional services for this task. It enabled me to spend my time on writing the books, instead of spending countless hours on all of the other tasks involved with publishing. I would probably still be working on getting my books published had I not used Bonnie’s professional services. I am happy to say that the ongoing purchase of my e-books are still going strong!”
– Gretchen Scalpi, RD, CDE, NutritionXpert