Package 1:  Proofreading $4 per page in Microsoft Word (extra charges for link checking or formatting references may apply).  We can proofread not only your manuscript but also your blog posts, social media updates, press releases, etc.


  • Brainstorming $75 per hour.

Package 2:  Beta Read $70

Finding beta readers to give you feedback on your first few chapters can be difficult.  Stress no more…. Magic Wand Author Services staff will read your first three chapters for $70 and provide you with a written report on plot, sentence flow, grammar and overall writing.  Additional chapters can be added for $40.00 each.

Package 3:  Building The Author Platform $150.00

  • Facebook Fan Page & Private Readers Group setup or fine tuning.
  • LinkedIn Profile (for non-fiction only)
  • Twitter
  • Goodreads Author Profile
  • Amazon Author Central Profile
  • Hootsuite Setup

Package 4:  Print Book Services (Custom Quote)

  • Book cover front, back and spine creation.
  • ISBN
  • Book layout and design.
  • CreateSpace account setup and book project management.
  • Publishing channel account setup and management.
  • Table of Contents creation.
  • Indexing.
  • Back cover copy.

Package 5:  Book Marketing Package $600.00

(This package requires you are able to schedule Kindle Select free days.)

  • Write book description for website/Amazon or fine tune it.
  • Two week blog tour with 8-12 stops includes guest posts, daily promos on Twitter, author interviews and starter day party.
  • Setup five day Kindle Select giveaway period.
  • Submit free book days to list of freebie book Facebook fan pages (and several topic specific Fan Pages) at least two weeks in advance of free dates and the rest on the day promotion starts.
  • Submission of the book to 10 sites that allow you to add your book and description for free.
  • Goodreads giveaway contest.

Package 6:  Book Launch Package $3,000 payable in three installments of $1,000 to start, $1,000 halfway through and $1,000 when the project is finished.

(Please give us at least two months notice… three months is optimal.  You will need to send us a pre-publication copy of the book in print or a digital version before we will consider working with you.  This allows us to determine if we have the right resources available to promote your book.):

  • One Brainstorming Call
  • Create Excel spreadsheet and record all contact information of people/groups pitched.
  • Create pitch and send to local media, television, radio, bloggers, etc.
  • Open Hootsuite account and connect to client social media accounts.
  • Create and schedule 25 pull quotes with a link to your book on social media.
  • Turn five of the pull quotes into images and post on social media.
  • Open account on Publishers Weekly. Add book, author pic and bio and submit for a free review.
  • Draft influencer e-mail for client to send to influencer list.
  • Setup Facebook fan page and private reader group.
  • Find and confirm 10 blogs related to book topic to post about book on launch day.
  • Find and approach five or more podcasts about interviewing book author.
  • Setup two giveaways on Goodreads and Amazon and send out books to winners. (Postage is in addition to MWAS fees.)
  • Setup Google alerts for the name of the book/author and update author’s social media via Hootsuite.
  • Submit one article tied to the book topic to submission list provided by MWAS.
  • Search for authors of similar books and contact them about cross promoting each other’s book.
  • Setup one Kindle Select giveaway for the e-book version and submit to about 30 sites that feature free e-books (advertising costs of $250.00 are in addition to MWAS fees).
  • Open accounts and add author and book information at Author Graph, Goodreads, Biblioscribe, Library Thing, Author’s Den, Biblioconnection and Book Hitch.
  • Submit an excerpt of the book to submission list provided by MWAS.
  • Optional:  Create freebie (possibly a book chapter), setup a mail list and give code to client to put on their website.

Package 7: Erotica Marketing Package $600.00

(This package requires you are able to schedule Kindle Select free days.)

  • Two week blog tour with 8-12 stops includes guest posts, daily promos on Twitter, author interviews and starter day party.
  • Ad sent to 16,000 Twitter readers for one day.
  • Author interview on Awesome Gang and two day featured ad.
  • Listing on My Book Place for one day.
  • Submission to 30 websites to promote your Kindle Select free days.

Package 8:  YouTube Book Trailer $200.00

  • Create a new channel within your YouTube account just for your new book.
  • Help you create script for your book trailer that you can record yourself.
  • Have channel banner created.
  • Have custom thumbnail for your video created (optional).
  • Create a call to action for the endcap of your video.
  • Add video to the your Author Central account.
  • Add your URL video to your book description on Amazon.
  • Give you the YouTube embed code for your website.
  • Add your author biography to your channel description.
  • Draft a description for the video and upload it with keywords.

Want one of these packages? Give Cindy or Bonnie a call and we will discuss the benefits of working with us!