Are you overwhelmed by the daily, weekly and monthly tasks that need to be done to promote your books? Do you desperately need more time to just write?  Do you need help managing your business and your books? If you are an author in addition to being a speaker, coach or consultant then we can help you!*

Every best selling author has an assistant or two or three!  They know they can’t spend their time writing if they spend their time on administrative, marketing or other publishing tasks.

This retainer service is for established authors who have daily/weekly/monthly tasks that need to be done regularly.  Initially retainer clients will work with Magic Wand Author Services staff to come up with a list of tasks that will be delegated and the list will be updated every month or as often as needed.  Included in this package is a brainstorming session each month upon request.  If you are also a speaker Magic Wand Author Services can also offer you services related to that piece of your business.

The Author Assistant service is available for a minimum of 5 hours a month with a three month commitment.  Contact us to get started today!

*We are not taking on clients who want to become a speaker, however, we will work with established speakers.